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Mar 19, 2013 11:00am PDT
the rivalry of apple and samsung try to step up sales. we'll tell you why both companies are going fashion forward to try to attract buyers. >>> and you might love yoga, but do your yoga pants love you? a type of popular pants from a well liked retailer are being recalled for showing just a little too much. i'm kristi smith. we'll have reaction coming up. >0 people killed in baghdad today, 10 years to the day the u.s. waged war in iraq. during that decade, the numbers staggering. more than 4400 americans have died. 100,000 iraquis killed in the effort to bring down saddam hussein and ultimately establish democracy there. tracie potts in washington, d.c. with a look back and a look ahead at our military strategy 10 years later. >> reporter: ten years later bombs are still exploding in iraq. just this morning mangled wreckage from multiple deadly car bombs, targeting restaurants, day laborers and bus stops, vestiges of war some say was worth it. >> you left saddam in charge of iran, no end in sight. >> his removal was good for the world. >> even without weapons of mass destruction, saddam hu
Mar 24, 2013 4:00pm PDT
on the program. >> good to be here. >> apple and samsung accounting for one in two smartphones sold today. tell me what the competition means for the choices out there. >> i think we have finally gotten to a point where it's not just an until the iphone. we have samsung up as the pepsi to their coke. and these two companies really control most of the market share. and when you hear about a hot new phone, it's going to be one from one of these two guys. >> i think it's interesting there are 5 billion cell phones on the planet versus 1 billion pcs. everybody wants a phone. >> a country that doesn't have a laptop you have a phone with you. >> let's talk about some of the smartphones out there. samsung just announced the s4 galaxy phone, a splashy event they had than. what is your insight than phone? >> that's the big five-inch phone they had at the press event a couple of weeks ago. i checked it out. it's a really nice phone. it's a huge screen, 5-inch screens, they make them much more like portable computers. it does a lot. it's g a great camera. my big problem is it's a plastic phone, and everyo
Mar 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
much. >>> coming up, ramping up that rivalry as apple and samsung try to step up sales. we're going to tell you why both companies are going fashion-forward now to attract buyers. >>> 6:24 tuesday morning. samsung taking on apple in another venue this morning. reports that the company is working on a watch that works like a smartphone. if the idea sounds familiar, it is. rumors started flying that apple was working on a wristwatch that would perform the same functions as the iphone and ipad. no word on how much the item would cost. it's the latest on samsung going head-to-head with apple. last week, samsung unveiled its galaxy s4. >>> apple stepping up its mar t marketing against samsung. 12 reasons why the iphone is better. you have to imagine the timing suggesting the message is geared towards samsung's new galaxy s4, which was unveiled last week. >>> for the first time ever, congress holding a hearing surrounding threats coming from outer space. they're concerned asteroids and meteors, not only pose a danger to earth but also to orbiting satellites. the house committee will trac
Mar 25, 2013 6:00am PDT
of the existing samsung offices north of san jose which would be replaced by an environmentally friendly campus. the in you campus would be 680,000 square feet and would include two towers with a restaurant and garage. the cityouncil would need to improve a $700 incentive package for it to move forward. they include a 50% rebate on the city's 5% utility tax on gas and electricity. trouble for samsung in south africa. >> they are apologizing for an event that seemed to be sexist. quite a way to launch a washing machine. >>> good morning. samsung makes all kinds of things, including washing machines. here are some pictures from the launch event. some in the tech world expressing concern over scantily clad women dancing as part of the big unveiling. samsung issuing a partial apology saying it didn't mean to offend i was talking to the south africa reporter that shot those pictures. he points out samsung often uses sex in its product launches. he sent this year's picture from last year's event and nobody made a peep of protest from that one. >>> from sex to cyprus, the island nation able to rescue
Mar 19, 2013 5:00am PDT
reserve will issue a policy statement and an update to its economic forecast. >>> 5:12. samsung taking on apple in another report this morning. reports that the company is working on a watch that works like a smartphone. if the idea sounds familiar, it is. apple was working on a wristwatch that would perform the same functions as the iphone and ipad. no word on how much the item would cost. it's the latest on samsung going head-to-head with apple. samsung unveiled the newest competition for apple's iphone. >>> the galaxy s4 seemed to have the cupertino company a little scared. after the release, apple created a why iphone to tell you why iphone is the best choice. 12 reasons why the iphone is better. just before samsung's release, an apple executive gave a series of interviews criticizing the system. >>> twitter getting in on the march madness for hoops. the san francisco company has a plan to keep you up-to-date on all the ncaa tournament happenings. sounds good to me. >> good morning to you. i want to start with a quick check on the markets. stock futures are pointing to a higher ope
Mar 22, 2013 5:00am PDT
into the fray. what the mountainview company is planning to compete with apple and samsung. >>> we'll tell you about what an expert is saying about the super bowl power outage, when the lights went out and left the 49ers in the dark for more than 30 minutes. >>> welcome back. a live look at the hp pavilion in san jose. your cal bears getting it done out of the round of the ncaa tournament playing saturday trying to keep the magic going. we will keep you posted on their trek to a possible national championship >>> another band-aid and short-term fix for the national budget. the house vote willing to keep the government running for the next six months. the plan in place keeps $85 billion in spending cuts in the pentagon and domestic programs. temporary furlough for hundreds of thousands of government workers will stay in place. the spending authorization is on the way to the white house right now for the president's signature. >> 5:13. samsung is coming to mountainview. the tech company famous for its galaxy series smart phones and its infamous patent with apple has signed a release to put a new
Mar 18, 2013 12:30am PDT
. and if you're looking for something new to buy, samsung will be happy to oblige. introducing its new galaxy 4 smartphone this week. the phone features a five-inch screen, a larger battery and a screen you don't have to touch, but just hover your fingers over. samsung is apple's main competition in the smartphone market. >>> well, the markets setting new records almost every day, and the federal reserve meeting next week, what could happen next and what should you do with your money? joining me right now to talk than, randy kroszner is the former federal reserve governor and current professor at the university of chicago booth school of business. and jim mcaughan is ceo of principle global investors with $280 billion in assets under gentlemen, it's good to have you on the program. thank you so much for joining us. >> sure. >> so many stories to talk about. jim, every time the dow sets a new high, it's a new record. we have known corporate america is strong, sitting on all of this cash. but is this telling us now that the economy is stronger than we think, or is this just because the federal re
Mar 22, 2013 6:00am PDT
. >>> it is 6:56. first, apple and then samsung and apparently google is working on its very own smart wristwatch technology. the financial times reporting google developing the watch and its android unit. the financial time says google filed a patent application for a smart watch back in 2011. apparently, this one includes a dual screen display and an interactive unit interface, very high-tech. so far, no confirmation yet from google. >> wonder how big it is going to be? >> probably dick tracy style. let's get to it. 6:57. this morning, khalfans are certainly basking in blue and gold glory. >> indeed, they are. they are gearing up to go another round at the ncaa tournament. the cal bears putting on a show in front of a hometown crowd at the hp pavilion. the bears taking on the unlv running rebels and they hold them off there at the end. the final score, cal wins it, 64-61. the golden bears will next play number four ranked syracuse. that will take plays, tip-off 6:40 tomorrow. the winner gets the honor of advancing to the sweet 16. >> nice they could be close to home. harvard proving
Mar 17, 2013 7:00pm PDT
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Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)